Project Handling

Mandate Logistics project team has the capability and experience to handle big or small sized projects. Our team organise and manage the transportation and logistics of shipments procured by our clients originating from any part of the world.

We find solutions for all specific customer requirements, project handling service package, international multi-modal transportation, customs clearance, inland transportation from port to the project site, route surveys, documentation insurance.

Prior to arrangement, a site feasibility study is performed by our team, site meeting with client on understanding of their delivery requirements, as well as surveying the type of plant and machineries to be moved, taking note of any sensitive parts of machines, evaluating the specific type of packing required and particular route for movement. Transportation and moving of heavylift or oversized industrial equipment/machineries to remote sites, especially in areas with poor infrastructure using proper lifting tools/gears, cranage and experienced manpowers ensure the delivery is done safely and smoothly.

Our added advantage is having a landed warehouse with high ceiling and solid ground is equipped to handle temporary storage of heavy cargoes (incase new site is not yet available to receive the machineries), distribution and inventory management to assist with the overall logistics necessary to meet customer needs.

As a specialized project logistics provider you can entrust us to provide proper planning, implementation, execution of your job.

Range of Services

  • Feasibility site survey and meeting with client on movement/packing/shipping of machines and industrial plants
  • Timely shipment of machines and industrial plants to any part of the world
  • Close Monitoring and Coordination of all shipments from factory to port of loading of ocean-going vessels
  • Close Monitoring and Coordination of shipment arriving at discharge port
  • Discussion and meeting held with site management at the place of destination to ensure smooth and expediting of delivery of machines and industrial plants
  • Preparation of the documents needed for Import customs clearance